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“Search-Find-Buy” rebate promos are what we do and love. All day. Everyday. So we have a pretty good idea of what it takes to STICK at the top of search results for the long term. That’s why we’d like to offer you a 100% FREE listing audit to see if your business can benefit from our “Search-Find-Buy” rebate promos.

Why is a free listing audit so important before we start working together? We’ve run thousands of “Search-Find-Buy” promos and we ALWAYS rank in the top 3 of the Amazon search results for our target keywords. But to be honest, sometimes we’d realize after the launch that the listing wasn’t optimized correctly to stick for our target keyword and the listing falls back down in the search results.

So now we offer 100% FREE listing audits for anyone interested so you can see whether your listing is ready to benefit from a Search-Find-Buy promotion. If you pass our listing audit, you qualify for our 100% money back guarantee. This means we believe you have an awesome listing and if you are willing to invest in a SFB promo, we will not charge for our services unless your listing successfully ranks and sticks in the top 3 for your target keyword.

If you don’t pass our listing audit – no worries! Our expert team will let you know exactly what needs to be improved in your listing to pass our audit and qualify for our full money-back guarantee.

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