How we ranked in 9 out of the first 10 search positions.

For this launch, we had 3 versions/ASINs of a similar grocery product and the goal was to target the same keyword for all 3. The idea was when a customer searches for our target keyword, we wanted to cover as much of the rest of the search results with our products as possible. So even with no/low reviews, we would be able to get the attention we need for customers to consider our brand..


Here’s exactly what we did:


Step 1: We identified a target keyword that we were getting sales from consistently with PPC ads and 0 reviews.


Step 2: We looked up this keyword on Helium10 Magnet to find the CPR number.


Step 3: Over the next 8 days, we ran a Search Find Buy promo to our target keyword for all 3 ASINs. 


Step 4: By the 7th day, our 3 listings were ranked in the top 3 organic positions on Amazon for our target keyword


Step 5: Now that we have the organic positions locked up, we need to win the Sponsored ads positions that show ahead of the organic positions.


Step 6: We set up one Sponsored Product Ads campaign with 3 Ad Groups (one for each of our products). In each ad group, we targeted an Exact match for our target keyword. The bids were set to 25% of Amazon’s recommended bid. The Placement strategy for this campaign was set to increase bids by 900% for the top of search. With this set up, we are bidding extra high to make sure we get the top of page positions, but we are bidding low if we cannot win the top positions.


Step 7: We set up a Sponsored Brand Ads campaign (aka headline ad) showing our 3 products. Targeting and bids were set exactly like the Sponsored Products Ad. These ads don’t have Placement strategy options, so we just bid slightly higher than the highest Amazon’s recommended bid and increase as needed to win the first page position. 


After just 10 days, here are the results:


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