First Month After SFB = $39,860+ PROFIT 



  • This was a launch for a brand new product with 0 reviews

  • We are selling a slight variation of a product multiple sellers offer on Amazon

  • We launched the product with the same price as the cheapest option (59.99)

  • Once we achieved the top 3 search positions for 7+ days for both of our target keywords, we raised the price to 78.97


What we did:


Step 1: Using Brand Analytics, we identified the keywords that our competitor with 500+ reviews was getting sales most recently.


Step 2: Using Helium 10, we calculated the CPR number for each keyword we identified. 


Step 3: We selected 3 target keywords based on our budget (50 units), the CPR number, and their Search Frequency Rank from brand analytics. Overall, we wanted to target lower volume keywords that our competitor was getting sales from first. Since this is a brand new listing, there are no reviews at this point.


Step 4: We gave away the recommended CPR amounts (plus a few extra units to be safe) over 8 days and were able to rank in the top 3 positions for our 3 target keywords within 7 days. By day 14, we had 12 reviews on the listing with a 5 star average rating.


Step 5: Now that we have reviews, we went back to our list and launched to 2 target keywords with CPRs of 48. It made sense to target higher volume keywords at this point since we had more reviews.


Step 6: By day 21, we were ranking in the top 3 for all 5 of our target keywords. Sales were increasing and BSR was decreasing daily. 


Step 7: We believed this product would launch with more momentum because it was an improved version of the current top seller and we were selling at the same price. The sales and BSR proved this to be true, so we felt comfortable raising the price to 78.97 on day 24.


Step 8: Our BSR increased a little over the next 4 days and sales were dropping. We considered dropping the price back down but decided to wait a few more days. We were approaching 100+ reviews at that usually has a big effect on the listing.

Step 9: I can’t say for sure this was the reason, but sales started increasing as soon as we crossed the 100 review mark. BSR started decreasing daily and sales doubled in less than a week.


After 48 days, here were the results:


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