$25,415 In Profit the First 30 Days After A SFB Launch (309% ROI)



  • This was a launch for a brand new product with 0 reviews

  • There are 10+ other sellers selling the same product as us, but we believe we have the best listing by far

  • Once we achieved the top 3 search positions for 7+ days for 6 of our target keywords, we raised the price by $1 (increasing our gross ROI by 30%)


What we did:


Step 1: Using Brand Analytics, we identified 15 low-medium volume keywords that our competitors with 500+ reviews were getting sales on most recently.


Step 2: Using Helium 10, we calculated the CPR number for each keyword we identified. Our budget was 600 units. We selected 6 keywords from our list with a CPR of 36-112 and planned to giveaway around 25% more than the CPR number for each target.


Step 3: We started our giveaway targeting 2 keywords at a time and starting with the keywords that had the lowest CPR numbers. Once we gave away the target amount of units, we started the next keyword until all 600 units were out. We ended up going a little over our planned budget because the CPR changed on one of our final targets and we wanted to be sure we gave away enough units to rank.


Step 4: It took 29 days to giveaway 621 units. At then end of the first month, we were at 76 reviews with a 4.8 star average rating.


Step 5: All of our target keywords ranked in the top 3 by day 35. Overall, this was a very smooth launch and we give a lot of the credit to our well optimized listing.


Step 6: After seeing our rankings stick for over a week on 5 out of 6 targets and sales steadily increasing, we decided to raise our price $1 on day 37. This is earlier than we usually plan for, but we were way ahead of projections for units sold at this point and running out of stock was starting to become a possibility.


Step 7: Our BSR increased a little over the next 4 days and sales were dropping. Our rating also fell to 4.7 stars. We were beginning to worry, but decided to stick with the higher price since we were going to run out of stock anyway. Fortunately, sales started picking up

Step 8: For the 2nd half of the 1st month after the launch, sales kept increasing and we experienced a nice +100 unit/day spike during the last week. I am writing this case study on day 61 and we will probably run out of stock next week.


As I mentioned, overall this was as smooth of a launch as I've ever seen. Here are some screenshots:


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