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Are You Keeping Up With Amazon’s Rapidly Evolving Platform?

In today’s competitive landscape, not only do you have to out-market your competitors, you also need to know how to navigate Amazon’s selling policies. Fortunately, Reviews And Rank is constantly researching and testing new marketing strategies to improve organic rankings and increase the overall profit for businesses selling on Amazon.

About Us


We started out as an account management team for a family of 5 brands selling over $15MM+/year on Amazon. Through tireless experimentation, our team continues to uncover the most efficient solutions that lead to massive success on the Amazon marketplace. 


Now we are offering our most effective solutions to you. These don’t work just because we heard someone talk about them on a webinar. Every solution we offer is one that has worked successfully in our own brands. 


That’s why we can confidently offer a 100% money back guarantee on all our services.



Promo Management Services

Launch to the top of the search results every time GUARANTEED

After launching to the top of the search results for over 1000+ target keywords, we sort of know what we are doing. At this point it is predictable. We can even help you research the most profitable target keywords to go after and put together a customized game plan to make your product a #1 Best Seller on Amazon.


Take our free listing audit (less than 5 mins).

If you pass, you qualify for our 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE where you will not pay a dime if your listing does not rank and stick on page 1 for your target keyword. 

If you don’t pass, we tell you exactly what we think needs to be changed to rank and stick.

Book your complimentary consultation now to discuss how we can help you reach your goals with your next Search Find Buy promo.

Successfully launched to 1108 target keywords

(last updated 5/20/2020)

Case Studies

309% ROI IN 60 DAYS

Our Guarantee

Our “No Risk” Money Back Guarantee for Managed Services and Templates

We’re so confident that our strategy works that we’ve decided we don’t want to be paid unless you are successful.  What does this mean for you? If you pass our FREE 15 point listing audit, you’ll qualify for a 100% money back guarantee on any managed launch service that you place with us. This means if your listing  fails to rank and stick in the top 3 for your target keyword after your launch, you won’t pay one dime for our services. The amount of days varies based on factors we’ll check during your listing audit, but for most products we can guarantee sticking for 14+ days.


It’s easy to get started.  Simply click here to get your FREE listing audit. 

If you are not ordering our managed service, our templates also come with a 30-day guarantee.  If you are not happy with any of our templates, simply let us know and we’ll happily refund your purchase price, no questions asked! 


"We followed your target keyword suggestions and I am so happy we did. It has only been 3 weeks since our launch and 3 days in a row we have hit $2100+ organic sales. This is way higher than we expected and our profits have more than paid back the launch cost."

Michael G., Amazon Seller

"Now we don't have to worry about how to get to the top of the search results. We just have to worry about when."

- Ryen R., Amazon Seller

"I still can't believe we saw a 267% ROI for our rebates in just 40 days."

- Robert G., Amazon Seller


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